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Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Artists: Francesco Bocola, Rosaspina Buscarino, Bob Catchpole, Kentaro Chiba, Simonetta Chierici, Vladek Cwalinski, Patrick Dennis, Gro Folkan, Grazia Gabbini, Susi Lamarca, Tina Leslie, Derek Morris, Maurizio Pini, Stefania Ranghieri, Jacqueline Real, Marion Schmidtke, Yuko Shinozaki  


November 13 – November 23,  2021

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 13,, 2021

6-8 pm

Gallery hours:  Tuesday  –  Saturday  11 am to 6 pm

Camden Image Gallery, in collaboration with MyMicroGallery, is pleased to announce “Respiro”, an exhibition curated by Stefania Carrozzini featured seventeen artists from different countries: Germany, Japan, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom , United States, Switzerland.

Respiro it’s an international project and a traveling concept that involves artists from various expressive languages, but who share the same sensitivity towards the immaterial.

The exhibition is composed of paintings, photographs, music installation sound, artist’s books, collages and sculptures.

Breath is the vital element par excellence, a subtle combination of spirit and matter, an entity of a single and indivisible world, the alternation between wave and undertow, between inside and outside. Breath is a bodily fact and therefore it is from the body that we start in this exhibition, from the thought and action from the imaginary of the artists, who offer different visual and textual narratives of this basic activity that belongs to all human beings, of the world, animal and vegetable.
The word ‘Breath’, from the Latin “respirare”, is made up of re, which indicates repetition, and expire, that is to blow and when it was conceived it was a learned word, suitable for medical and physiological considerations. It then became part of the common lexicon as for all derivatives of ‘expire’ in Italian: from inhaling and exhaling to transpiring, from sighing to inspiring and spirit. Thus it opens up to wonderful figurative meanings, among which those of relief and pause stand out. In the agitation the rhythm of the breath is shortened and generates a restless mind, while in the pause the breath returns to take its space, to widen the chest, to cushion the chaos; likewise, the oppression of anxiety and anguish speak etymologically of panting, of breathlessness, of a squeeze that we immediately bring back to a weight on the breath: we understand how natural it is to understand the rediscovered breath as an authentic relief.

We pass from the physiological matrix to its meaning as a cultural and ideological body, so that we have large and far-reaching works that on different expressive and linguistic fronts, make themselves great and present, have a strong voice, are powerfully inspired and give a sense of freedom. because they embrace life.


The RESPIRO exhibition is accompanied by a catalog that brings together the thirty artists of the overall project who have participated in previous editions, at the Galleria Sant’Eufemia in Venice, in MyMicrogallery in Milan and now in London.

“Respiro” will be visible in London until November 23 at the following times: from Monday to Sunday from 11 to 18.


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