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Curated by Stefania Carrozzini




By Stefania Carrozzini

The term “Resonance” describes the amplification phenomena that occur when the frequency of a force applied periodically is in harmonic proportion to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. Remaining in the sphere of the perceptive datum, art as a product of human thought emits energy and frequencies, even if we are not aware of it. Reflecting on this theme helps us to understand that everything in the universe communicates through vibrations, from the microcosm of human cells to extending beyond the bodies to the macrocosm. But art is not just perceptive data. It is the mirror of the complexity of the human soul, of spirituality and of the mystery of creation. The propulsive magnetic center from which all creative communication spreads and from which all creative communication originates is the heart. This is the operational center of our being, although we have difficulty accepting it, and we think that it is always the mind, the conscience to act and make decisions. The creative process is the maximum expression of this dimension. The artwork produces sound that is inherent in every artistic expression. And its communicative power will be proportional to the degree of resonance with our emotional sphere. Because sound is the beating heart of everything and is at the origin of life. Sound structures matter and thought and manifests a secret message that can lead to knowledge of the nature of the universe and of ourselves.

There is no difference between individual and nature, everything is shaped by the very substance of the cosmos. Even the earth as a living organism resonates with a frequency similar to our heartbeat, the Schumann Resonance, quantified at 7.83 Hz, is nothing but the sound of our planet. As the breath becomes voice and sound, the inspiration is released through different resonances generating expressive languages ​​that reach based on their intensity and frequency, the mind and heart of the viewer. This cosmic blossoming of individual sensitivity will be the new frontier of the art, as a witness to a free thought and a creative will. This will happen when everyone is allowed to manifest themselves as creative beings, finally freed from the chains of material needs. A new music will make hearts and eyes vibrate in the light of truth. It is the individual who will have to reconnect with his creative potential, his true nature, and expand the power of the imagination beyond space and time. Only in this way will we still be able to feel wonder and feel beauty, if we succeed in preserving and safeguarding everything that identifies us as human beings.


The purpose of this exhibition is to perceive the work with this type of sensory approach, not only using the rational mind to understand but to really get in touch with what the artist wants to express. This exhibition brings together different ways of understanding how artists communicate through vibrations of their paintings and objects. As everything in our known world, each single artwork possesses a unique oscillation. The artists have been chosen because their works are particularly evocative, so that they can offer moments of enjoyment that lead to a greater understanding of the feeling of the works through the resonance that they emanate. (S.C.)


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