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You Must Have Chaos Within You To Give Birth To A Dancing Star

May 24 – June 6, 2012

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

521 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001
t. 212.695.8035-
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 24th, 6:00- 8:00 pm

Annamaria Angelini Chiarvetto / Stephanie Bloom / Joanna Coke / Patricia Muffin Bernstein Maj-Britt Niklasson / Elena Diana Nistor / Francesca Pettinato / Loeke Pam / Sara Rossi / Nelly Sanzi Juli / Gernot Schmerlaib / Susi Zucchi

The text of Nietzsche, from which the title of this exhibition was taken, is one of the most complex of the German philosopher. Written in aphorisms, “Thus spoke Zarathustra” develops as experimental philosophy and knowledge which proceeds through poetic and highly evocative images, which are not to be taken too literally, rather are metaphors to understand that the search for truth does not stem from reason neither from a pre-established order dictated
by culture or by moral thought. His thought is an exercise in acceptance of the truth as a historically conditioned value. “Thus spoke Zarathustra”, is a magical and fable-like tale, where knowledge, the real spring which quenches the thirst of human beings, has an immediate communicative power announced in a poetic and prophetic way. The path of Zarathustra is an allegory of ascending life where joy prevails over the suffering and the anxiety of existence, lightness over oppressiveness, dark over light. The truth is an ecstatic shimmer of light and life as a means
of knowledge is a higher hope, a guarantee of authentic freedom in the game of life and of eternal return. I say: you need to have star inside you in order to generate a star which dances. I say: you still have chaos inside of you: such a sentence communicates vital energy and contains a propulsion towards becoming, to the new,
to positivity and harks back to what artists face on a daily basis as they tread their path between pain and wonder: that is the birth of ideas.
The ability to listen to one’s own interior world and to solitude, welcoming the void, the time of idleness to give way to the free flights of the imagination are the dimensions from which creative energy and the power of inspiration grow and develop. From an indistinct phase, before ideas take shape and through whatever medium, the artist (but also the scientist) is the first hand witness to the fact that order is born from chaos. And chaos is not so radically opposed to rationality: both are the sides of the same coin, as are Eros and Thanatos, instinctive drives in the metaphysical dance of life. In this dualistic exchange creativity, which has always been in strict relation with the abysses of madness, inhabits the irrational and feeds on chaos to generate not so much new things, rather new visions of the world. Chaos, therefore, is the battleground where the inexpressible is expressed. However, this chaos does need to be well organized, the base from which one takes flight to be solidified, otherwise the destiny will be that of Icarus!

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