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The Vibrancy of Being Human

May 21 – June 3, 2015

Title: The Vibrancy of Being Human
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521 West 26th street – New York, NY 10001
May 21 – June 3, 2015
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Barbara Bachner – Gültekin Bilge – Isora Caprai Candian – Carlodelli- Sam Marshall – Lord Nelson Morgan – Adriana Ramondetti – Gio Sciello – Gabrielle Shannon – Gisela Zimmerman

In a highly technological society which has lost all harmony and rhythm, speaking about frequency, about rhythm of vibration as a primordial language of the world and of life could be seen as a “new age”.
In reality the question is much more complex than that. Everything vibrates, everything emits frequency which, before any name, identifies Being and the essence of things. Everything is connected; the smaller things are at the service of something bigger. It is only to us humans that things seem separate and it is for this reason that communication is necessary, because everything has to flow, just as blood circulates in our veins and sap rises along the branches of a tree.
And the real communication of a work of art passes through here, because at the origin there is always the vibrancy of a thought. The eyes are not enough, because “seeing” is not sufficient.
Even works of art have an aura. It is the energy of thought, in space and in time, which travels at the speed of light, which materializes, embodies the work of art, leaving signs, traces, substance. Beyond technique, the pulsating zones of being have to be activated once more, because: what makes us really human if not our cry of wonder when we behold that mysterious entity we call life.
Every particle present in the cosmos is in a state of vibration. Sound, together with the light which emerges from darkness, is the language of the cosmos. It emerges from the silence as a manifestation of the vibration of the planet, of celestial bodies and of the air.
If the harmonizing sound creates, generates shapes, emptiness and fullness, the non harmonizing sound destroys and nullifies. Art has the ability to restructure, even at an animist level. It is my belief that it can regenerate in man the ever present values, which lead human beings to search for the essence of Life, which brings one to real Joy. Each one of us is a cord, which vibrates in the universe. All beings are sounds, which shape and identify them.
If the universe is non other than a vibrating force, and sound is vibration, one can believe that the Bible in its affirmation “in the beginning there was the word” – and that the word-sound generated all of creation – is not to be taken lightly.
How do we recognize the vibration of the human being? Its unmistakable trace is a smile which like a light cuts through darkness. And what could be more authentically human than a smile?
L’élan vital, moves on the organic-inorganic axis, the spread of evolutionary ways in which both human beings and nature participate, part of the same creative thrust. It is the current of life which harks back to Bergson, the same current, the same vibration which flows in the creative veins of the artist. It belongs to all beings and materializes in a thought, an image, in music.
Without doubt it is necessary to manage to perform a sort of sensorial hygiene which as well as the sense of sight opens new perceptive horizons. Thus activating and fine tuning other senses we will put into play new ways of understanding reality. Art is the door of perception par excellence, artists have always been holders of the key.

Stefania Carrozzini

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