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The Flow Of Life

March 12 – March 25, 2014

Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Galerie Vierraumladen
Cranachstraße, 46, 12157, Berlin – Germany
tel 030/85604012 – fax 030/8550721

Opening: Wednesday March 12, 2014 – 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Fiorenza Bertelli – Stefania Capobianco – Stefania Carrozzini – Joanna Coke
Tamar Hirschl – Diana Nistor – Susi Lamarca – Barbara Rosenzweig – Josefina Temin
Yonca Yucemen – Monika Wolf – Michela Valenti.

The big adventure of art is the ability to see beyond the restricted limits of our sight. The encounter with the work of art comes about in the world of imagination which is the driving force of art. The flow of life is the flow of art. Yes, because everything flows, thoughts, emotions, the energy which runs through us, the passing of time. Life and art are an indissoluble binomial. Life is a flow, but beyond biological survival, living is creating and fulfilling our potential expressing our uniqueness to participate intimately in the complexity of the cosmos. The creative flow is the vital impulse which invests consciousness and reality.
Yet what is this vital impulse? May it be defined? Flow is that which runs, transits, passes. It is the flow of the river, it is energy. It is vibration. The vital flow is unstoppable, ever-changing and eternal. It is that which cannot be withheld, possessed. It is the flow of love, blood which flows in our veins, inexhaustible source of inspiration. Art has a revolutionary power, it is a liberating process which tends to re-establish the contact between ourselves and the world, contact which is put at risk by a fast and materialistic positivism which sacrifices human relationships and with them the fundamental questions to which art has always given an answer. The power of the vital flow nullifies the canons of dominant beauty. In the growing power of appearance the image has become our object of desire. The appearance of things replaces the things themselves. But art, to which the truth is essential as is life itself, has to destabilize this fictitious order of things. When art inserts itself fully in the flow of life, when it is part of it, it takes part in this natural, philosophical and artistic order of things, in truth. Art is the place where the vital flows of our thoughts and heart irradiate in the dimension of being which foresees change and becoming. Immersing oneself in the flow of life means finding once again inner equilibrium, the awareness of doing and not doing. Art enters this magnetic field by right. Its application takes us back into the groove of our real creative being which touches on the uncontaminated power of Eros and imagination.
Because the spirit lives in all things and it is only by being aware of this and accepting becoming as the law of nature that the human beings find their rightful freedom.

Stefania Carrozzini

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