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174 Royal College Street, Camden
London NW1 0SP


Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Opening Reception:  Wednesday November 8th , 6-8 PM

08.11.2023 – 18.11.2023

Gallery hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm


Camden Image Gallery, in collaboration with MyMicroGallery is delighted  to announce, “Evidence and Essence” an exhibition curated by Stefania Carrozzini, composed of seventeen paintings by two abstract American artists. Each artist presents seven paintings of which three are executed collaboratively. The concept of “Evidence and Essence” explores the interplay between observable evidence and the underlying essence or core of the subject. It delves into how external appearances and tangible proof intersect with the intangible qualities and fundamental nature of things, inviting contemplation on the deeper layers of reality and meaning.

In painting, “evidence” refers to the visual elements and techniques , this includes the use of color, composition, brushwork. On the other hand, “Essence” it’s the idea and it goes beyond the surface appearance and gets to the heart of what the artist wants to convey. Patrick Dennis and Kenneth Walker engaging visual experience in which emotions striking a balance between evidence and essence and the creative freedom of abstract language allows this process to be best expressed. The works in this exhibition demonstrate a particular attention to nature and space, between what we can see and what is invisible to the eye. Both artists are inspired by nature and through nature they want to reach a sense of the painting process produces a specific meaning, extending its narrative and formal potential.

Their works bring into dialogue a new way of seeing by connecting us to other dimensions, crossing spaces, borders and emotional geographies. In both of the artist’s works, the material of painting between densifications and rarefactions, flashes of light and shadow areas manifesting  a need for visual silence, search for harmony with what surrounds us expressing all this through language of painting.

Each work in this exhibition  indicating the intention to create a unifying corpus through the differences, creating harmony and dialogue between Kenneth Walker ‘s works, which tend more towards a lyrical and intimate vision with a more tonalist research and those of Patrick Dennis in which the color contrasts are more accentuated, hard edges and texture are contrasted with soft hues different compositions. Both artists recreate  in studio the impression of the en plain air and them memories, after all become obscured, losing sharpness over time, thus the impressionistic results.​​ Nature’s themes elaborating through consciousness, can manifest and share clarity with the viewer. In the state of such resonance,  Patrick Dennis and Kenneth Walker  a very strong message within, and it is a message to feel nature, the environment very close to the human nature. The magic of the elements finds their meeting point through themes that refer to culture such as  Shakespearean themes, Othello or Hamlet which refer to the strength of passion which is entirely inherent in the world of painting.

Patrick Dennis is an American painter born in 1955.  He has lived in California, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Washington D.C. In his life he has been a musician, restaurateur, teacher, museum specialist, gallerist, lobbyist, and founder of thirteen art festivals. The common thread throughout these various careers and locales is his love of painting for the last 30 years. Living in Cambria on California’s Central Coast provides bountiful inspiration, but it is the reflections on our precarious relationship with nature that prompts him to explore ways to render the evolution. Patrick’s work is held in private collections in United States, including Georgia, Florida, New York, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Jersey.  International collections include Milan, Paris, London, Dubai, Perth, and Vancouver.

Kenneth Walker born in Richmond in 1952, he lives and works in Virginia and in Florida. He began painting in 2019, after his retirement from an almost fifty years career in the financial services industry. In his early self-study program, he decided to focus on the concept of abstract on and ways to illustrate an idea, a figure, or a concept symbolically through abstraction. His goal through abstraction is to challenge the viewer in deciphering hidden messages throughout the canvas. Themes of personal faith, personal values, and the environment are often the focus of his artwork. All Kenneth‘s artworks presented in this exhibition are donated to support KIDS, charitable endeavors benefiting children.

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